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Spiritism came to bring a new light on Christians’ thoughts and to bring hope to humanity. The doctrine organized by Allan Kardec in the nineteenth century, from the teachings of superior minds, teaches us that the state of suffering experienced in the planet Earth is only transitory. It also tells us that we are evolving spirits and to achieve happiness only depends on our own efforts. Knowing Spiritism, we come to experience a whole new perception of the world and life, which leads us to seek inner-reform and truthful approach to God.

Spiritism: science, philosophy or religion?
Spiritism can be considered a science, a philosophy and a religion.
Science, because it studies the so called “supernatural” phenomena by the light of reason and assigns a natural cause to them; showing that everything has a scientific explanation. Instead of being supernatural, these phenomena are caused by natural laws.
Philosophy, because it gives us an interpretation of life. It answers common questions about the meaning of life, such as “Where have I come from?”, “Where will I go after death?” and “What am I doing in this world?” Spiritism explains the purpose of life and the reasons for life’s many inequalities, apparent unfairness and suffering.
Religion, because it aims the moral transformation of mankind, advocating the teachings of Jesus Christ in its true expression of love and charity. It doesn’t have religious leaders, ceremonies, rituals or symbols. The worship is done on your own heart.

Basic principles of Spiritist Doctrine
Existence of God – God is the creator, the Supreme Intelligence, the primary cause of all things. The magnitude, order and harmony existing in the universe must be the work of a Being absolutely intelligent and wise. There is no effect without a cause. Taking in consideration the nature’s wonders and the harmonious functioning of our own body, which follow perfect rhythm independent of our will, leads us to believe in God as its necessary cause. Through our senses, we can also perceive his existence: in every man, of all people and ages, there was always the innate idea of God’s existence.
Immortality of the Soul – The spirit is the intelligent principle of the universe. It is created simple and ignorant by God to evolve and fulfill itself by its own efforts. We already existed before we were born on Earth, as spirits, and we will continue to exist after our physical death. When the spirit is in a life body, we say that it is an incarnated spirit. When a person is born, the spirit reincarnated, when a person dies, the spirit discarnates and returns to the spiritual world, where it came from.
Communicability of the Spirits – The discarnated spirits retain the same characteristics as when alive: they are good or bad, serious or playful, educated or rude. They are everywhere and can see us. They can know our thoughts and influence them if we are in the same vibration rate. If it can and wants, the discarnated spirit is able to communicate through a medium. The form of communication depends on the type of mediumship: it may be through speech (psychophonia), by writing (psychographics), through hits (typtology) or other forms. The quality of communication depends on the moral conduct of the medium. Suitable people attract good spirits. Mediums using their gift to their own benefit attract less evolved spirits.
Reincarnation – Reincarnation is required for the spirit’s evolution. As a school: it provides different experiences that lead the spirit to a moral and intellectual learning. The spirit incarnates and reincarnates many times as necessary to progress and to acquire more knowledge, to get closer and closer to God. Reincarnation also allows us to reconnect with loved ones or to those who we had problems in other lives, in order to re-start relationships and pay off our debts with them.
Plurality of the Inhabited Worlds – Not all reincarnation occur on Earth. All existing worlds are inhabited, since God did not create anything useless. Like spirits, worlds also evolve, and there are worlds above and below the Earth. Jesus has taught this truth when he said “There are many mansions in my Father’s house.” The Earth is a planet of evidence and expiation, a world of inferior moral, where the bad outweighs the good. However, at the moment, it is transitioning into the world of regeneration, when the bad will equal the good; and the men will be more fraternal and generous.